Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Starting Point

Ah yes, the yard in March is not such a pretty place. All plants are dead except for our lone Picea Orientalis, which is hanging in there. We are pretty sure an application of Wilt Pruf and the drought from a few years back were what injured it. (Free advice: Skip the Wilt Pruf spray)

As the Treekeepers told us, "It is possible to love a tree to death." Steve's job is to take care of the trees and he is what I would call extra-conscientious. He waters the trees religiously and even sought out an anti-desiccant spray called Wilt-Pruf to help keep the tree from drying out in winter. Fortunately, it looks like it may recover.

Last weekend I spent a few hours raking and clearing the front and back yard. So, I'm ready for spring, but it's supposed to snow tomorrow-perhaps up to 6 inches!

We have quite a few yard projects we are planning for this summer including some concrete work, so if that interests you, stay tuned.


Indre said...

Good luck with whatever you have planned. I am sure your yard will look awesome later on in the spring... and if not...well, at least you have got one...I am stuck on the 7th floor with no yard at all :)

Jocelyn said...

Thanks! You are right- especially in the city one is lucky to have a backyard!