Monday, March 03, 2008

What is determination?

Soon after I met Steve, he showed me his 2-flat (now our 2-flat). He took me inside and showed me the coffered ceiling he had spent the summer stripping.

I just stood there amazed and I thought to myself, "this is a man who is not afraid of commitment." I was moved and I like to tell the story because it brings that moment back to me.

Obviously, I was destined to become his partner in rehab and life.

Which brings me to the subject of these photos of Steve working outside in January. This winter, Steve (with my help) has almost finished the pantry.

The day these photos were taken had to be about 20 degrees. Again, Steve never ceases to amaze me. This is what I call determination.

And that is what it takes to renovate an old house, unless of course you have money, lots of money and even then you have to be determined and keep writing those checks.

Many of us old house people like to joke about how "crazy" we are taking this challenge on, but what is life without a challenge anyway?

I also think that it goes back to character. Old houses have it. We value it. As a result, we have it too.


Kelli said...

You put that so well! I feel exactly the same way you do about it. We're not simply "house flippers." We are stewards of a disappearing treasure. It's nice to find kindred spirits who feel the same way I do about old houses. (Plus I'm a former Chicagoan. We already share a kinship.)

Sandy said...

Determination and character -- a fine combination!