Saturday, February 24, 2007

To dream the impossible dream...

This week was one of those weeks I was feeling at odds with things. I'm sure it's partially due to the void of not working on the house. I'm kind of addicted to accomplishing something and the house fulfills that quite nicely. If I'm not getting that fix, I get kind of restless.

The impossible dream, I refer to in the post title, is of course the idea of organizing our basement. Steve and I spent about 4 hours down there going through screws, nails, and tools in the hopes that when we need it, we can find that one screw we are looking for.

I know it's impossible dream, but we have to try. What would the world be without a little Don Quixote spirit. There's a reason why that story is a classic. It's funny, and it can be related to many things from everyday life in my opinion. It's about hope and whether we are aware of it or not, we are all living on hope on some level.

Okay, now that's enough of the introspective stuff, let's get down to what we actually did!

Ever since the BIG project finished up last Fall, we've had a pile of paint cans to go through. You see, we have a "system" for organizing them.

With Steve and I, we are pretty much as organized as our schedules will allow. The busier things get, the harder it is to be organized. Last summer got a little crazy and things got a bit messy.

We write down all the formulas with the room each paint color belongs to. We also mark the cans with a sharpie with what room they belong to. We combine any cans that can be combined.

I also went through the shelves and organized what was there. Luckily all the paint fit on the shelves. We like when that happens.

Then we tackled the (ejem) organization of our various nails and screws and other miscellany.

We have quite a few trays like what you see here with various boxes or little brown bags. We went through all of this. and separated out in categories like: brass screws, black screws, small, med. & large wood screws, etc... Where we needed to, we broke things down more or less. Glazing points, for example, have their own little drawer.

Bonus: We found the extra nail set we'd been looking for!

I even went through our electrical supplies. We still have to go through plumbing supplies.

And the result? This shining beacon of organizational nirvana. Now we just need to get a few more of these and we'll be in good shape.

And while we were doing all this, we were listening to The Drive on our favorite work site boom box. I usually listen to either XRT or NPR, but somehow the station got changed.

The day this thing goes will be a sad day indeed. I have such fond memories of it, that I'll probably have to bury it in the backyard and maybe even mark it with a little stepping stone or something. But let's just hope that day never comes.

Last summer, we realized that the boom box was older than our contractor and found that pretty funny. Funny how such a junky thing can be so treasured. Do you have any ratty old objects that you are attached to like this?


Greg said...

With me that is definitely an impossible dream. Honestly, my biggest problems I have too much room. I don’t need to be organized because when one area gets out of control I can just move on to another area. It’s a real problem. Also, I think I owned that exact same boom box circa 1980. Mine was a Panasonic. I remember because I was listening to it when it was announced that John Lennon was shot.

merideth said...

that paint can system is genius...i bet i can get beth behind implementing that here...old junky things i'm attached to: none. Old junky things beth's attached to: about 32 cassette mix tapes from high school that we are not allowed to throw out despite not owning a tape player...maybe we should send them to y'all

John said...

I covet your organizational ability. I've also stollen some of your organizational ideas(love the binder for instructions for one). Thanks.

I have tons of stuff like your radio. It's a family defect. My dad and his father horded stuff like that too. I still have my first Walkman for one. Tapes from high school? Boxes of them. I still have my first real computer somewhere too (386 of pure power) and God knows what else.

I was at my Dad's a few weeks ago and saw a flash light I remember from when I was three. It still works.

My grandfather? He died many years ago leaving us a two car garage and a boat house filled ceiling to floor with stuff (anything from a boat to boxes full of ball-bearings). It took the better part of six months to clear it out.

K said...

Ha, love the old boombox! We have one that I've had since second grade. It is dusty and paint-splattered, and the handle is broken. Until recently, it worked perfectly. Now the plug/cord has to be positioned just right to work.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for 2 #6 oval-head phillips driver 5/8" wood screws in black or oil-rubbed bronze finish. Can you set me up? The HD doesn't stock them...


Anonymous said...

OH isn't it wonderful to get organized?!? I had our old house organized that well, after hours/days/weeks of effort, and then we moved and it was all shot to hell. I'm ready to make it happen again though.

As for old junky things that give me great pleasure, gah, I have too many of them, though I've gotten better over the years at getting rid of them if they are truly no longer functional.

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