Saturday, January 21, 2006

The void continues

Sigh. Warning. Don't read this post if you abhor whining. Work was so busy this week that I stayed late every night and was slammed from the moment I came in the door. I even went home one night and spent 45 minutes responding to emails I couldn't get to during the day due to being so busy.

At work: Someone had a baby, someone else quit with one week's notice, and someone else just walked out in mid-December. We hired three new people, but they are new so can't do that much.

I am pooped and so I'm not stripping wood this weekend. Now, a normal person would be happy about this, but not me! And on top of this, Steve hurt his arm (God knows how) and is sleeping on the couch. Now a normal person might see their boyfriend sleeping on the couch and be like "Oh, how sweet." But not me. I am like, "He should be working -look at all we have to do- we haven't finished anything in months- blasted holidays damn winter- damn it all." Fortunately, I am able to keep these thoughts to myself for the most part.

I am going to a yoga class now and hopefully this will improve my mood.

It's important to document this part of the restoration process of our home as it is definitely a very real element.


StuccoHouse said...

Whining totally allowed. I think its these long, sunless midwest winters that puts everyone into a funk and being overworked doesn't help either. My plans for the day are to sit on my couch with a pile of old house magazines and sip Diet Coke :-)See how ambituous you are by comparison?

Gary said...

Would you like some cheese and crackers with that Whine?

heather said...

Please makes me feel soooo much better about the fact that whining is all I did on my post yesterday! :) Hope work at the office slows down soon for you...and work at home increases to a pace you are happy with!

Jocelyn said...

Stucco House and Heather: Thanks - I agree about the winter blahs- it always gets me a little bit. I am goign to veg and maybe puttre a little today with as little guilt as possible. Not every weekend has to be a warrior one (for me anyway).

Gary- yes, please I think I deserve it at this point! :)

allison said...

Whining definitely is in order. Boy it's hard to work all day and then try to rehab at night and on weekend, but that's typically how it works. I'm also in a busy time at work and am trying to get to several mini projects and can't even do that -- a little touch up painting here and there, hanging pictures, etc. Anyway, relax while you can. You need your strength for the home improvement battles ahead! Keep us posted on all the progress!