Saturday, January 07, 2006

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

The City of Chicago will mulch your x-mas tree for free, but of course you have to bring it to the site and bring the mulch back home. Since we don't have a pick-up truck or even a car, I came up with another way to re-use our tree this year.

x-mas tree past its prime
stale bread
peanut butter
apples and oranges
wild bird seed mixture
niger seed
suet bar
pot for planting

Cut off the lower branches of the tree so it fits into the pot. Dig a shallow hole to rest the pot in so it doesn't (hopefully) blow over.

Spead peanut butter on bread and dip into bird seeds. Shove pieces of bread and fruit into the recesses of the tree. Hang a suet bar.

Optional: use trimmed boughs around the tree for more bird shelter.

Should result in a virtual fiesta for the neighborhood birds and somewhat ease the conscience of those guilt about wasting a perfectly lovely tree!

1 comment:

Scott in Washington said...

Maybe now your house will be less likely to be munched on by the crazy house-eating squirrel?