Sunday, January 22, 2006

Help Wanted

Putting a call out for referrals in the Chicago area. We are in need of some outside help for the 2nd floor gut rehab.

Steve has been working on drawing up the plans to get the required city permits, which will involve moving a wall here and there to make for a larger master bedroom. Truth be told, even this larger bedroom still doesn't seem big enough to deserve the word "master." What's up with that terminology anyway? It sounds like a plantation house or something. That has never occurred to me before- how strange. Anyone know anything about the etymology of this term? (Holy tangent!)

Back to business. We are looking for a few good men (or women) tradespeople with rough and finish carpentry skills to frame out and drywall the upstairs as well as put the trim back in so that it looks (ejem) good.

If you have any referrals, we would love 'em. We need to get some competitive quotes for this job. We've gotten one decent quote, but we know we need to get at least three.

We have already gotten quotes on the roof replacement, tuckpointing, heating & cooling, and electrical work. We are planning to do some things ourselves such as painting and tiling and probably some finish carpentry.

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