Friday, January 06, 2006

Look who got a new power tool!

With the demise of our neighborhood wood shop, Steve has been taxed when it comes to projects. He used to be able to walk 4 blocks to the shop carrying a few boards, run them through the band saw etc... and walk back home and install them. Now, the nearest wood shop is a 20 minute car ride away and we don't have a car so that makes it even more of a challenge.

We haven't been able to finish the entry trim work because Steve hasn't had time to get to the wood shop. We figured out a solution though. No we haven't bought a table saw. That would be about $2K for the quality Steve would need for his projects.

We got a power planer. To be specific we got a Bosch 1594K 3-1/4" Planer Kit with a Bosch VAC002 Adapter 35mm-1 1/4" . We read reviews on Amazon and I had remembered reading about House in Progress buying a planer for their trim work sometime recently and we saw that they chose the Bosch as well. So we're in good company. We bought the shop vac attachment in case we do this inside and to minimize the wood shreds everywhere.

There were mostly positive reviews on Amazon. A few reviewers criticized the fence saying it was shoddy and the fact that the hose attachment did not come with the unit. Some others said that the fence was good though. We will find out for ourselves soon enough. If we have any problems or good things to say, you'll hear about it right here of course.

Now Steve can plane down the boards to whatever size we need and we can finish the trim. Now if only the wood shop would reopen. I'm hoping Greg's fairies can help us with this one.

Everyone together now, "I believe in fairies , I believe in fairies ..." You know you do. Maybe the fairies can take our tenants away to NeverNeverLand too...


Nick said...

Mmmmm. I have the cordless model, and it rocks. Hey Steve - I saw pictures of your basement; how come you dont have a shop down there?

Nick said...

Or better yet - kick out those upstairs tennants and put the shop up there. Finishing room, wood-storage, assembly area, bathroom... Sounds pretty swell to me. Could be the new neighborhood shop!

Gary said...

With all the talk of fairies around here you may want to be careful. I have heard that the pixies are unionizing and planning a revolt! They are hiring the gremlins to ensure that all warranties on new wood working tools will be null and void within 5 hours of the box being opened.


Greg said...

Steve will be hooked now. I see a complete wood shop in your future.