Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday: Day of Rest (Not)

It's a good feeling to move towards your vision. The outside of the building is part of my vision of our home and the way I want it to fit into the surrounding community. I have this vision of finishing the bulk of the work on the house and having our yard be the place for neighborhood parties, Block Club (that we are going to start) meetings, and time spent reading good books under a sunbrella.

I am sure some may think I'm a sap with utopian dreams but I can't be bothered caring about that.

I'm also just as sure that most of us have this vision of a chaise lounge at the end of the long rehabber's day.

See what yard work does for my spirits? Must be the endorphins from all that fresh air and digging and lugging top soil.

Here's how it goes:
17 bags of top soil $22.24
3 bags of manure $5.97
5 bags of mulch $15.00
I-Go 2 hour car rental $12.00

5 hours of backbreaking work? Priceless.

Here's the coolest thing that happened last week (endorphins talking again-yard work aficionados/aka die-hard gardeners will understand): My neighbor has a Red Bud tree in front of his house. Coming home from a walk with our dogs after dark I looked over and what did I see? A possum in his tree. For this city girl that was way cool.


Emerld said...

That is beautiful! Did you see my mums? I have a question about the mulch. Do you use it for permanent plantings? Cause I want to do a bunch of annuals next year, if I mulch them in and then next year have to plant again will the mulch be all mixed in with the dirt?

merideth said...
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merideth said...

awwww...that looks darling! Nice job.

As for the possum, here in our city we see them as well as racoons with kits on a regular basis. Maybe you're in for a new kind of urban neighborhood! I'm glad you were not freaked out by the possum's giant-rat ways (as i would have been) :)

Your house is looking gorgeous!