Sunday, October 16, 2005

Paint? Check

It's kind of like that right now- plodding along (not downtrodden- but down to business). Saturday I painted the first coat and Sunday the second. Steve hooked up the light from Rejuvenation this evening.

Steve will start installing the trim next weekend. If you look at the photo, molding will go over the part where the color changes all around the room.

I will remove all three doors and sand them and fill any gaps and then hit the, with black enamel paint. I am not up for stripping the two entry doors right now, so we are just cleaning them up for the time being.

The outside door will be replaced at some point and isn't a really great door worth stripping/restoring.

Here's the remaining punch list:
1. Install molding. This includes fabricating and replacing a few boards that were pine not oak.
2. Sand and fill 3 doors and paint.
3. Replace cracked glass panels and obscured glass in one door.
4. Install curtain rods and curtains on inside of doors.
5. Use heavy acid cleaner to clean tile floor.
6. Install door strikes- requires a new entry lock to be installed.
7. Install shoe molding.

We are making good progress on this project, but the pantry has completely fallen by the wayside due to it. Oh well, we should have a pantry by early next year.


Anonymous said...

Nice choice for the light! It's amazing how one project can overtake all your energy and put other things on the back burner. It all gets done in the end and you have made great progress!

Greg said...

Yes, the light looks great, and I like the colors. With that tile floor it will look very period once you get the woodwork back up. Nice job...

Now get back to that pantry!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks you two. Compliments from you mean alot to me as I know you are such hard workers and love your taste as well :)

RE: the pantry
ai ai capitan!