Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fall Dig Out

See this big patch of dirt? Well, this morning there was grass there. I bit the bullet and dug up all the sod. The whole front yard will be flowers and shrubs. Grass is so high-maintenance and it's such a little patch to mow, it's silly. See that sidewalk on the right side of the photo? Well, next spring I'll be renting a jackhammer and eliminating that for more planting space.

There used to be an entrance there I believe with steps, but we have one on the other side, so we'll just keep that one.

We are also going to add stepping stones (like the one you see to the left)through the middle of the bed so I can weed etc... I have some bulbs (iris, allium, camassia) that need to be divided that I can add to the bed. I also have some lilies I want to move there and some coneflowers and a few other crowded plants. Next spring we'll add the bigger stuff- hydrangea and some dwarf evergreens.

Tomorrow, we'll go get top soil, manure and mulch using our new means of transport: the I-Go. It is quite convenient and way less than renting a car.

I also mulched the trees today and some of the other beds and dug out a little trench around the front of the building and put gravel in there. This was a "Steve" project. He can't abide dirt and water near our foundation.

So while he sanded and primed the entry, I finished this little project. Oh, I also put another layer of grout sealer on the grout in the kitchen. Not a glamourous job- but needed to be done.

I'll leave you with some fall blooms from my yard:

Aster- the bees last hurrah

Morning Glory

Since digging up sod is pretty physical, I'm tired and I am going to go rest now. I do love working outside on cool days like today- lower 60's. And afterwards, a hot bath and curling up indoors is just the ticket!


SmilingJudy said...

Yay for less grass! I'll be doing some landscaping this weekend too. Got two rhodies today for 5 bucks each! I also saw peonies for 5 bucks. Have been considering a peony hedge along the front sidewalk, but decided I didn't have time for it this fall. At that price, I bet I'll be doing more digging than planned tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I don't even think you need the jackhammer to take out that sidewalk.

All you have to do is dig out the dirt beneath a section and hit it with a sledgehammer or if you want to laugh I used a large frozen-turkey sized rock and dropped it on the sections that I wanted to breakonce I had dugout the earth underneath them. It will save you a couple of dollars and give you a great workout at the same time..