Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cheap Art

Well it started out that way anyway. Old magazine ads off eBay for less than $10 each. Someone is making a good buck off selling all those. But then came the professional matting and framing and ouch! Not cheap. But we like 'em. And now the kitchen has a bit of whimsy.

Yes, we like dogs here.

In my house, we have little battles about what is acceptable to adorn our walls. I have heard from other friends about "the battle of the chotchkees" with their husbands.

Steve feels our home should be "inspiring" and "like a museum". I take a more sentimental approach. If one of my parents gives me something, for example, (and I like their taste for the most part) I like putting it up because it's a gift from them. Steve has none of this kind of attachment- unfortunately for me.

And he is picky with a capital "P". The other day I got so mad I told him I'd post photos on the blog and illicit others (whom I consider to have good taste) opinions on the objects in dispute.

He caved in on these ads because they are "authentic" relics.
It's hard to be me sometimes...


StuccoHouse said...

I'll put my vote in for them being just the thing for a kitchen wall. Very cute. I have an old calendar that someone move out to my garage circa 1930.....with similar pictures. So, they even fits the "museum like" mode.

Of course, I have a collection of framed antique postcards...so I may be a bit biased.

Ms. P in Jackson said...

I like the old ads. They are American nostalgia. I mean, it's not like you pinned them up on the wall with a tack. They look great.

Anonymous said...

I also am a fan of the old ads. It is fun to find obscure things to frame and hang on your walls. A few years ago I was in San Francisco and came across a bunch of old maps they were selling in sheets as wrapping paper. I thought that was a cool idea for wrapping paper, but actually ended up having a couple of them framed and they are now hanging on my wall. Cheap art.