Saturday, March 19, 2005

Kitchen demolition Easter 2004

It took us a 12 hour work day Good Friday to remove all the plaster. Saturday we finished removing the lathe. We wore respirators and disposable body suits to avoid the dust-wish I could find the pictures of those outfits- we were quite a sight at the end. Next to drywalling, this is the hardest work I have done so far.

Our temporary kitchen sink. After the plumber ran new pipes in June, we were without running water and still are. For a while, we ran a garden hose through the window, so we would at least rinse things, but then we were invaded by ants crawling up the hose. I decided to chuck the whole thing and use the bathroom sink and wash dishes in the basement. Radiator was yanked also. We now have a toe kick heater that runs off our furnace. It's a Myson heater.

The lathe that was removed by me! Note the plastic drop cloths. Use of these on every doorway (both sides) really kept dust to a minimum in the rest of the house.

pile o' debris- but aren't we tidy? We got lucky. There was a teardown next door and they let us dump our debris in their dumpster. We paid someone to haul it out though- there was no way we were moving that stuff again!

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