Saturday, March 12, 2005

Back to normal

Well, we are back to our normal routine of working on Saturdays. Steve is working on the cabinets, putting the filler strips and toe kicks in and also building the supports for the countertop, which will be tackled next weekend.
I cleaned the house from one end to the other and used my beloved Dyson vacuum that I got for Christmas from my sister and Mom. I know many will think me lame for getting excited about a vacuum, but we NEEDED a good vacuum to clear out all the leftover construction dust and dog hair bunnies that multipy like rabbits here. It makes my house so clean- it now feels like a home and not a workroom anymore.

On a different note, I am glad they solved the Lefkow case but what a waste. I love the image of her husband is his dapper attire bringing a rose and lunch to her office after 20+ years of marriage. I bet it will stay with a lot of people for a while, that image. Those small kinds of gestures are what make a life worthwhile I think. How do you treat others? How to you rise above indignities? That's what I want to aspire to.

Went to see a play last night at Victory Gardens Theater called "Humble Boy." It was quite good, but I am too tired to analyze it right now!

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Emerld said...

Glad to see you guys smiling and enjoying yourselves! Keep pluggin!