Saturday, March 19, 2005

Framing & insulating finished in July

Framing for the future plate rack to be made by Steve. Insulation by Jocelyn.

Framing for shelving over sink area and for wall-mounted faucet- we opted not to do upper cabinetry- to save money and to keep the kitchen more period looking.

Framing for the exhaust vent and insulating of the brick wall done. Also new electrical wiring done.

Putting the ceiling up with the drywall lift- a Godsend. Us two skinnies never could have done it without it.

Looking back on all this, I feel like saying, "What took us so long?" It seemed to take forever to get all the framing done. We had to put additional framing on and we had to shim the entire room because dry wall is thinner than plaster and we wanted to put back the original oak moldings everywhere. Steve had to make new frames on 2 doorways and all the windows too. And he isn't a carpenter by trade, but he's learning. Plus, during this time I was actually looking for a job too. Oh yes, and stripping woodwork out in the backyard...

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