Sunday, March 06, 2005

Glorious Sunday

Today was at least 60 degrees out. It was a day to go outside and start removing layers: hat, gloves, scarf, fleece, etc... Not a wool socks day at all- what a gift!
Today I made like Forest Gump and went running. In my case it was walking. I felt like I wanted to walk until I couldn't walk anymore. I walked up to Andersonville and went into Taste of Heaven and got some treats. Then I went to Alamo and got some new shoes. And finally, I stopped in Famous Fidos and got some treats for my babies. No treats for Steve though- he's on the bad list for not fixing our kitchen.

I feel relaxed now-thankfully. It's going to get cold again tomorrow I heard- but at least everyone will be back at work and won't feel deprived.

The only thing I did to improve our house this weekend, besides put some stuff away, was go out front and pick up the trash that had blown down the street. I now clean about half of our block on a regular basis. I just can't stand looking at all the garbage people carelessly toss outside. If everyone did this- what a world we'd have. So much prettier!

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