Sunday, August 05, 2007

Awning Photos

I know I've been a bad houseblogger this summer. I have to admit that I've been distracted by my other fixer-upper projects, which have to do with the neighborhood at large and not just what is inside our home.

I am finally getting around to posting photos of the new awnings from Chesterfield Awning. We are very happy with them. Not only do they add curb appeal, but with our rough winters they will give a much longer life to our front door, as well as keep the building cooler with shade.

Here you see the finished front door with brass kickplate. It is amazing how fast it is tarnishing.

This will end our curb appeal work for the summer. In the fall, I may be jackhammering a small sidewalk if I have time to expand my garden, but we'll see.
Progress is slow, but we are working on things. We finally got the shoe moulding done in the front entry as you see here.

This weekend I sanded and stained the den door. Steve cut out a wall in the pantry in preparation for blocking. Posts on that soon.

Projects that MUST be done this season:
Garage Entry Door
Trimming out & painting back porch door
Scraping & painting trim around garage

So we're here working just at a slower pace.


Fargo said...

The front door looks great! Congrats on a fine job.

Greg said...

The awnings look great. I've noticed other HouseBloggers that started out with a bang 2 years ago are working at a slower pace - or at least blogging at a slower pace. I think it's a natural progression.

Its fun though, that I can check in to blogs from time to time and still know what's going on because of all of the blogging in the past. You've been talking about those awnings for a while. That's not imply you were dragging your feet on them, it's just to say that I know the history even though I haven't heard much on them in a while.

It is all very interesting.

mindy said...

The awnings look really good - love the color!

Trissa said...

Beautiful! I love the color choice.

Jocelyn said...

Sorry anonymous, but you're wrong.

Mark said...

Did you recently tuckpoint the building? What was involved with that? Did you need a special preservation type company or a regular tuckpointer?

Jocelyn said...

Hi Mark,

We had the building tuckpointed last summer- not the face of the building though- it was fine.

We used a regular tuckpointing company: Jack Maldenado

We made the mistake of having them repair the stone lintel over the front door. They kind of botched that a bit and someday we will have restoration work done at some point on that. So, in some cases I believe a restoration company would be a good choice.

Steve used the Masonry Association's website quite a bit in determining what was best for our building.

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