Sunday, April 29, 2007

Serenity Now!

I have vowed this year that I will relax in my backyard. I will not work all summer every weekend on wood. I will invite some people over to enjoy the somewhat nice backyard. In the city, many don't have a backyard and so those that do should share sometimes.

We need to repair the concrete (see photo) to make this space more usable and that will happen within a month I'd say. In the meantime, I am going about my plantings and am awaiting the grass seed to take.

I've gone with yellow this year in the pots and some texture: ferns, vine, white marigolds for their hardiness, and one yellow flower whose name escapes me.

In front, I planted some forget me nots, Prince William phlox in a beautiful purple, some coleus for color in the shade and some rosemary. The garden has been somewhat delayed this year because of late frost, but things seem to be growing well now. I think some bulbs decided to wait until next year, but that's the way it goes. If it was the same every year, it would be dull I suspect.

Who doesn't love a mourning dove in the morning? I saw a titmouse too this morning.


Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Love the brick wall I can see behind the bird bath and Morning Dove. Is that a 'fence' or a wall of a building?
The patio is calling for someone to come sit with a cool beverage and a good book to relax and enjoy!!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks! It's our garage actually.

The North Coast said...

I think your back garden looks pretty appealing in spite of your complaints about growing the grass.

The place looks great to me, but i suppose when you are the owner, it never looks good enough.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Laura- that makes me feel better about having people over. :o)
We are kind of perfectionists I guess, which is why we can't seem to stop working on this stuff.

Anonymous said...

What a great back yard & I agree that a good back yard is meant to be enjoyed and shared- same with a good house. So call up a few friends and have a welcoming party for summer!

clb said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your backyard and gardens are really adorable. It looks like a great, intimate little place to relax and spend time with your friends. We're hoping to do more relaxing this summer too - it's hard to tame the beast and slow down though, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

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