Monday, April 30, 2007

Front Door Redux

Before our awning is installed, we'll be repainting the front door a more period appropriate color. Our home was built in 1910 and has some arts and crafts elements, so we are sticking with that color palate.

We have selected Sherwin Williams Bunglehouse Blue for the front door. The awning is a True Brown with a white key pattern trim. Our awnings will be shaped like this though, not rounded as in the previous link. We have delayed the awning for 2 weeks so we can thoroughly prep the door, repair some minor wood rot, and prime and paint it.

We have learned from experience that it pays to buy the best paint you can afford. Take our living room for example. We were not trying to be frugal. We just bought the paint brand they had at our local hardware store. Our living room is a deep red color and it took several coats to get full coverage. We ended up going back to buy additional paint, which cost more money anyway.

Another tip when painting is not to buy cheap rollers. We learned that painting the living room as well. We ended up with little pieces of fuzz all over the walls. Quite disheartening at the time. I never notice the flaws now, but our painting skills have much improved since that room was done about 5 years ago. My advice, buy the best rollers you can afford unless you like bits of fuzz everywhere.

Just some little lessons we've learned along the way.


Anonymous said...

Just ordered an awning for my building from Chesterfield Awning this morning, told the very nice sales rep about your web site and that you are the referal / reason I called them. Good luck with your installation its going to look beautiful !!


Patricia in Jackson said...

That blue for the front door is very pretty!

Teresa said...

I just stunbled on your blog. Your projects are great, keep up the good work. We are currently builing a new construction but have imployed a lot of Bungalow style features. It is great to get inspiration from your pages.

Kristin said...

I love the proposed door color and the new shape of the awnings. I can't wait to see it all come together!

mindy said...

That's going to be such a pretty entrance. I can't wait to see it all come together with the awning!

Loren said...

You can always afford the best of paints. Saving 10 or more dollars on a gallon of paint is penny wise and pound foolish. When you consider the time it takes to prep, travel to buy the paint, apply the paint and clean up afterwards, the longer you can go without repainting makes the cost of the paint irrelevant. This becomes even more important when you buy paint that minimizes multiple coats.