Sunday, November 16, 2008

I was there

I don't want to dwell on politics because this is after all, my house blog, but I just wanted to follow up on my earlier post and let you all know that my Mom and me did go to the rally in Grant Park on November 4th! It seems like ages ago already doesn't it?

The crowd was very calm going in and there was almost no pushing. I observed not one person smoking, which seemed odd to me since we were outside and waiting for hours.

We arrived at about 6pm and left at close too midnight. We stood almost the whole time and I was pretty tired, but it was also pretty amazing to just be there and see everyone so happy.

My Mom had actually been downtown for the demonstrations at the infamous 1968 Democratic Convention years ago. I couldn't help but think how far we've come since then. It was pretty cool.
And thanks to everyone who commented on my "no-spend-zone" post. It's comforting to know I am not the only one feeling the pinch, although I have to say I don't like it too much. I, as do many, like my creature comforts. But maybe I'll blog more now. That doesn't cost anything right?


Brooklyn Row House said...

Cool! I'm in the lottery for Inauguration tickets. My odds of winning are 1:400. I think all of NYC entered Chuck Schumer's lottery.

Brooklyn Row House said...

(Don't publish this one, please)

I'm alpha-testing a new house blog aggregation site and I'd like to know if you guys would like to test it.

I built this Drupal module for a client, who actually wants to use it for child health-related blogs. But he wants to see it in live action first. Since most of the bloggers I know are house bloggers and the module is so easy to repurpose, I decided to launch my own "houseblogs" site.

I need to test the account creation and home page creation. Developers can't test their own software. I suspect there are rough spots I haven't discovered.

If you want to try it out, the URL is There are a couple of authorization hurdles to jump -- an email opt-in and manual authorization by me.

It works a little different than Houseblogs in that you maintain your own "home page" and comments group.

Feedback is eagerly solicited!

TWB said...

Thank You for the wonderful photos!