Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall is falling

We took a trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens last weekend. The wind was brisk but it was a beautiful day.

I've been pretty busy with shutting down the garden for the season (digging up cannas, mulching, transplanting and tweaking, bulb planting etc...). Steve has been finishing up the chimney cap project which I will be doing a post on very soon.
For now, I'll share some more photos from our field trip. With all the rain we had this year, the fall foliage has been so pretty.
How about these mums for some color therapy?

This is from the prairie section of the garden. What you can't get from this picture is the sound of the grass in the wind. There's a reason why "The Wind in the Willows" makes a great book title.

Of course, we often get ideas when we visit places like this. Steve saw this evergreen container garden and said this would be his garden project for next year.

Speaking of evergreens, I realy liked these in the Conifer section of the garden.

Not sure what this is, but it reminds me of some kind of thistle and we both thought it was very cool.

One last look at the fall foliage...

I guess I kind of hope that life follows the cycles of nature. If so, the autumn of life should be pretty great.


Sandy said...

Beautiful photos!

HPH said...

I think that is an artichoke that was allowed to go to bloom.