Thursday, December 20, 2007

Doe a Door

It look longer than we thought and planned (of course), but Steve managed to get the door installed the first week in December.

It looks good, way better than the old door, and best of all, it won't fall apart!

It would have been better, much better, if we had started the project earlier. Upon removing the old door, we were not surprised to see that some masonry repair was needed-especially on the arch over the door. Masonry work cannot be done when it's (ejem), freezing outside.
So, to make a long story not so long, I'll just say that come Spring, we have to disassemble the door and repair the brick work as well as remake some of the trim because it's not fitting "perfectly" (translation: less than 1/8"). Things must be perfect for the ARTIST Steve you know. :o)

There is nothing I cherish more, you know, than doing a job over especially because we have nothing else better to do (cough cough ejem).

Here is the threshold. Steve managed to repair the concrete on a not so cold afternoon in November. The door has two coats of oil based primer and 2 coats of Bunglehouse Blue paint(also oil).

We plan to build an overhang above the door to protect it from the elements. I think it will be very charming.

We used old hardware from our house that we painted with industrial enamel paint- about 5 coats! We mean business.

Oh, and we added a deadbolt. We will be adding an iron grate on the inside to deter any burglars too. The first one we ordered didn't fit!

My favorite thing about the new door is the window panes. And you can see when the garage is left open now too from the inside of our house.

I am looking forward to restoring the adjacent windows on the garage and having a nice cottage look in the back yard next summer.
Next up: Finishing the pantry


StuccoHouse said...

Wow, that looks so nice :-)

Sandy said...

The door looks perfect! Such a pretty blue. Wishing you happy holidays!

Derek said...

If the lock needs a key on both sides, you might not need bars. A thief would have to break out all the wood and glass to break in. We have this setup on all our doors with glass. Of course the bars are a better deterrent,since they're more visible.

Dmitry said...

Dear Jocelyn,

I love your blog, and as someone interested in buying/restoring a 2-flat in Chicago, it is obviously an invaluable resource. I am, however, having difficulty finding a 2-flat to buy. Could you recommend some resources (brokers? websites?) I couldn't find any other way to contact you, so that's why I'm writing here. My e-mail address is dminkovsky at


P.S. I'm a new addition to the legion of yuppies working in the Loop, and if you work in the area I would be more than willing to offer lunch in exchange for a chat on this subject. This goes for Steve as well! Thanks again.

David said...

Definitely better than the old door.

Green Fairy said...

That's the exact shade of blue we've been looking for! We're debating what shade to strip and repaint our front door, and I think that's going to be it. "Blue" is such a hard color to agree on.

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