Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Thorough Scraping

It's all about the prep work and we are not rushing our front door paint job this time. The better you prep, the longer the job will last. Also, the longer the job will take to complete. It's kind of a double-edged sword.

Saturday morning, Steve and I got to work scraping the loose paint off the front door trim We then filled any holes with wood epoxy and then sanded it all with 80 grit. Then we primed it with Sherwin Williams oil based primer. Stinky stuff oil paint. Then we prayed for no rain.

I like when Steve and I work side by side. Saturday morning I had the thought, "the couple that scrapes together stays together," and then I thought wryly, it's time for an intervention. Steve said our prep job was going to be "This Old House" quality. Uh-oh.

This morning when we reviewed our work, we decided that more sanding and filling was in order. Why not do it right?
I have to go out of town for a trade show in Las Vegas this week, so it will be up to Steve to keep this project going till I get back next Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Front door is looking great !! Think Chesterfield will be installing my front awning same time as yours !!

Love the garden pics, plants from neighboring tear downs are the best. I have several plants that were in front of "Taste of Heaven" on Foster before it was torn down, I always point them out to people when I show them my garden. There's somthing about rescuing plants that makes them special.

Pine trees are great but be carefull, the needles make the soil acidic and it limits what you can grow around them.

Best wishes for your entry redo !! its looking beautiful so far !!


Emerld said...

Guess what? I was in Vegas too. May 13-17 with my Mom and sisters. had a blast.


Fargo said...

If you like rhododendrons, they are a good companion for pine trees, as they love acid soil.