Saturday, May 19, 2007

As the grass grows...

The lawn is coming along nicely. I mowed it for the first time this season today as we had to give the grass a chance to take.

Its funny because Mojo insists on walking along the "path" where the conduit was buried last year. I think he likes the feel of baby grass under his delicate feet.

I've been remiss on blogging I know. I was in Las Vegas for a trade show for a week and that was fun. Las Vegas is such the opposite of everything I deal with in my every day life, I actually find it refreshing-funny.

I got some "me" time and saw a show, had a nice dinner, and went shopping, which I rarely do. I bought myself a pair of those $150 Seven jeans and it felt good!

I have been mainly working on my gardening. Here's a shot of the front parkway, which I plan to completely take over with plants eventually.

Steve's Mom planted our little pine tree a few yeas ago and we look forward to the day when it's 10' tall. We give it an inordinate amount of TLC, but there is something so cool about planting a little tree like that and having it grow into a big tree.

I'm sure you have experienced where you go back somewhere and see a tree that you remember and it's become a giant.

Plus, we love love love pine trees. Mark my words,we will be planting more evergreens before this season is over!

While we are on the subject of plants I adore, take a look at the utter perfection of this one- a lily of the valley. The fragrance, the perfect bell shape of the flower, the beautiful green foliage the toughness of this plant cannot be beat in my opinion. It does need to be controlled though as it can be invasive.

I saved mine from a teardown site in my neighborhood. They now line the fence along the sidewalk where they can't take over my yard, but soften the sidewalk.

Steve is going to put the 2nd coat of paint on the front door trim today. We still haven't worked on the door itself. I am holding off on photos for now. More on that soon...