Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Grandma's "2-flat"

As many of you know, over Christmas we visited my 93 year old Grandmother Tilly in England.

Grandma has lived in this "flat" since before I was born - a long time ago. When she and my Grandfather first bought it, it definitely qualified as a fixer-upper. There was no heat and she told me the kitchen had a dirt floor!

Grandma's flat is very homey. It's not a large home, but it has 3 bedrooms upstairs and a nice brick walled in yard.
We spent alot of time visiting in the living room and the kitchen while we were there. The above photo is my sister Kimberley, me, nephew Ciaran and my Mom.

Here's my Gran in the kitchen slicing apples for a sponge cake.
I hope when I'm 93, I am walking to the store to get my bread and newspaper and able to walk up a steep flight of stairs like my Gran does.
Just thought I'd share...


Anonymous said...

Neat post.

Your grandma has my washing machine.

Anonymous said...

How neat! Thanks for sharing :)

Poppy said...

I'm with you...I want to be as spry as my great grandmother was when she passed away at 99 yrs. 6 mos. of age. She swept her wrap around porch every morning and every evening right up to the day she passed away. I have an article out of the local paper where her great, great grandmother was seen climbing a tree with her grandson at the age 103! She passed away at the age of 105 and at the time was the oldest living woman in Ohio. Our family definitely does not lack in longevity.

Thanks for sharing the story of your gran.