Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's been quite a while...

We haven't been doing much lately as far as home renovation. This summer is kind of a wash as far as that goes for a few reasons...

1. Budget. We are being much more conservative about spending and borrowing for obvious reasons. I am proud to say that we have paid off all our credit card debt in the middle of a recession.

2. The house is in decent livable shape! Woo hoo! Oh, there's always something to do and we have a long to do list still on the fridge, but none of it feels terribly pressing.

3. I broke my elbow in June from a tumble off my bike and Steve hurt his back in July. Note: This did not stop us from enjoying some nice hiking in Manistee National Forest this summer we are now both pretty well recuperated.

4. Busy with the Glenwood Sunday Market.
5. Busy enjoying the fruits of my labor in my new vegetable garden. Think homemade pesto, simmered greens, lettuces that practically melt in your mouth, etc... (We built a raised bed early Spring this year.) And we yes, my vegetables are in a cage! When it comes to squirrels, we don't play around!
6. Just enjoying summer. Plus it's been too damn hot to work much anyway, right?

I sometimes miss working on projects and get restless about doing something, but mostly it's okay. I do hope this isn't the end for us though. I think we still have a few good years in us for DIY. We aren't that old and tired just yet!

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hello and happy summer to all my houseblogging friends. Thanks to blogging about our work, I will never forget those days. So many good memories of working outside in the sun and fresh air, in the moment and focused on a specific goal and craft. I absolutely loved it. And I love working side by side with Steve.  So, I am sure we will get back to it at some point. We have some BIG plans for the backyard that are percolating for next year possibly.


St. Blogwen said...

Yeah, we haven't heard from you guys for awhile. You have an excellent list of reasons (notice, I didn't say "excuses") for not doing a lot of DIY and posting on it lately.

Congratulations on the credit card payoff. Me, I have to keep at it to some extent, broke or no, because my house is so torn up that if I got a new job out of town I'd never be able to sell the place. Not to mention that I hope soon to get a better job locally, and then I won't have time to work on it!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and the work you've done so far!

Kate H.

KCmustang said...

hey cousin, love this post. Congrats on the CC payoff. my goal date keeps getting pushed back for various reasons. I am happy that the remodeling of my bathroom will be completely paid for in cash. It kept me from making impulsive decisions.

I love your raised bed and i have issues with rabbits, squirrels and lately mice. I would love to know more about the how to's on that so i can make one next spring.

thanks for posting.

pedalpower said...

Wow, congrats on the cc payoff...hope to join you there one of these days!
Sounds like you are having a great summer despite the injuries!