Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting creative

This was my $35.00 foreclosure sale purchase. It cleaned up pretty well. Basically, a day or so to strip it and then very light sanding followed by some small veneer repairs ala Steve and three coats of blonde shellac. Not bad for the money.

And then there's our recent acquistition of this artwork. It's a printed canvas reproduction of a work by Henri Rousseau named "Surprise." We found this UK company that has rights to many works in the National Gallery in London and selected this one because we really like it. I like Rousseau and it has a kind of primitive look that suits our style.

Steve used to work in a gallery back in the day and so we bought stretchers and he stretched it. Voila, a large artwork. Purchased with last summer's yard sale money.

So, we manage to do some little things to spruce up, but we are definitely a far cry from the past several years. But really, most DIYers can't sustain that super high level of project work.

We are trying to decide what to do this spring and summer. We may screen out wood floors to clean them up without sanding them down. If we do, I'll definitely post that.

We are planning another outdoor adventure this summer. This time to Yellowstone & The Tetons. That is our main indulgence this year.
And in case anyone wonders how Billie and Mojo are doing, they are just fine. Looking forward to spring and the end of the dastardly ice melt everywhere preventing their enjoyment of long walks.

What keeps me busy now that I'm not blogging so much? Well, the ever-present day job does take it's piece. And then there's my new mission, which is bringing a Farmers' Market to Rogers Park.  

That's about it for now...Happy end of winter to everyone!


Sandy said...

Nice find on the piece of furniture and the art work. Loved the picture of the "babies".

Anonymous said...

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Jocelyn said...

Hi southside,

Check out these posts about the contractor we used. A few years later, we are still happy with his work.

johny said...

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