Friday, April 03, 2009

Just saying Hi

I just realized that I went the entire month of March without posting.

True we haven't been doing much, but a month? That's just not acceptable.

Steve has been working on the table top. He just this week started applying the layers of finish. He has been doing extensive research as he has never worked with Maple before.

I have to admit that right now I just don't have the oompf to write up the minutae of dyes and shellac colorations and how those combinations interact etc... etc...

Instead, I'm just posting this pretty picture of daffodils and saying Happy Spring!

Right now, we are in the process of looking for tenants also. Our adorable twenty-something roommates had to split. I believe we will be wrapping that process up this weekend. It is always good to have that behind us. Miss you guys.


Sandy said...

Happy Spring! Loved the photo of the daffodils.

Green Fairy said...

Are you using Craig's List for the tenant search? We'll be starting the search next week for a June 1 rental; I'm a little nervous about it, because it's the first time we're trying to rent one of our places off the May/October cycle. Our super awesome tenants just bought their own place and close mid May, so we're letting them stay the extra few weeks.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Sandy!

Hi Joanna, yes we use Craig's List and it looks like we may have a taker for May 1st. I am sure you will be okay with June 1st.

For some reason we never seem to rent the apartment out when it's occupied and so we always lose one month's rent minimum, but that's what saving is for I guess.

Good luck!

Matt said...


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Green Fairy said...

We have our first round of applicants coming over today; I think I have my tour-speak down pat, but I'm always a little nervous anyway.