Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blissed out day

Today was one of those oh-so-very sweet days of summer. Just an ordinary Saturday for us really. Steve was cutting and installing the trim for the new screen doors and I was putting a second coat of paint on the front iron railing and I washed the windows on the first floor.

But this morning when I went out into the yard to have a cup of coffee, the sky was so beautiful and the light so perfect, I decided to take some photos of the garden.

I've posted pictures this year of the backyard, but it's at it's peak about now, although the lilies are all gone. Sunflowers, Phlox & Black-eyed Susans are all blooming. I like this photo because Mojo was looking at me.

Here is a shot of the frontyard- no grass anymore as you can see. Once you get perennials established, they are so much less work than a lawn. They bring birds and butterflies and compliments. You just don't compliments on a lawn the way you do with flowers. At least not in my part of town.

Here is the parkway, which I have taken over about 50% of the way. This fall I am going to remove the remaining lawn and divide those massive hostas to I have a complete border of them.

And here is what you see when you leave our house. I guess you could say my garden is therapy for me. It sure puts me in a good mood. And so does summer. Tomorrow, we are headed for the lakefront and the beach. I hope you are enjoying your summer too.


Sandy said...

Your yards and garden are so lovely. Beautiful photos!

Green Fairy said...

Very nice...I'm all for getting rid of lawns.

Jenni said...

Lovely garden. I agree with Boxhouse about the lawns.