Sunday, October 14, 2007

In Search of...

Today Steve and I swat-teamed our mission- to find a replacement door for our garage. Here you see the current sad state of our garage entry door. Also note the boarded up windows, which are high on my list for restoring next year.

If you make the photo bigger, you can see how the door has buckled and looks like it might not make it through another Chicago winter.

With a new door with a window and windows instead of board ups, I can imagine looking out at my garage and seeing something resembling a cottage with cute curtains in the windows. Steve also plans to build an overhang/wood awning to protect the door from the elements and help it last longer.
There's a long story that brought us to this salvage shopping trip that I will not bore you with. The short version is we went to Home Desperate and Menards and looked into steel doors. We found out (surprise! not!) that our door is not a standard size. Of course it's not.
But this is now something I am grateful for -the reasons for which I will share in coming posts.

Our first stop was Architectural Artifacts. We actually had not been there since they expanded and added a (ejem) museum. This means they have things that cost as much as the downpayment you put on your home.
The owner has a large collection of Fer Forge, which he purchased ages ago when it was worth nothing.

Now, it is all the rage so he gets to gloat big time, which reminds me of a big time fantasy of mine,that I could go back in time to about 1970 and buy up tons of Stickley and other Arts & Crafts furniture, which was worth almost nothing back then. A girl can dream can't she?

But I digress. They have alot of doors there.

We looked thru some doors....

And then we looked thru some more doors...

And then we found this door that fit our measurements but was not exactly what we had in mind. We made note of it and went on our way to our next stop.

To be continued...

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