Sunday, November 05, 2006

Medicine Cabinet & Bathroom

It's been a long time coming, but Steve finally has the medicine cabinet installed. As you can see from the photos, the mirror cracked while Steve was putting it in, so we have to go get another one today.

Just another example of how nothing ever goes perfectly- or very rarely anyway. But that's okay, we're in synch with that really!

I think it turned out beautifully. This piece is made with 5/4 (1 & 1/16") rift sawn oak, which has a straighter grain than plain sawn lumber. The design mimics the existing woodwork throughour the house. He even used a spare crown piece for the cap. The door is made with mortise and tenon construction. To save time, the frame was screwed together.

The hinges are Japanese butterfly hinges and are nickel plated. He could not get the hinges he really wanted (traditional nickel plated ball-type hinges) because they were out of stock. The Japanese butterfly hinges do not have a pin that is removed and they just lift right off.

Here is the inside. He used 3/8" beveled tempered glass. It is not cheap either, but it looks nice and is quite sturdy.

Here's a photo of the bathroom pre-renovation. The tile was in especially bad shape as you can see in the next photo.


Anonymous said...

wow!!! how much do I pay Steve to make one of these cabinets for me?!?! Also, where did you get the border black tile?


Greg said...

Boy, that really looks nice. Too bad about the mirror. The same thing happened to me with a piece of glass I was installing in a cabinet door.

It looks like there's a window in the shower. I'm facing a similar situation. When you re-did the tile was there much damage or rot around the window.

Anonymous said...

what type of tile did you use for the floor? can you send me a pic?

Trissa said...

Beautiful. I love the before picture. The cabinet looks like it fits perfectly with the rest of the house.

Patricia W said...

That cabinet is absolutely beautiful. So is the bathroom!!!!!

Aaron said...

Hey, congrats. That's nice work. Also fun to see as your bathroom seems to have almost an identical layout to ours... :-)

Jocelyn said...

Jarek- Sorry, Steve is booked up with our own projects for quite some time I'm afraid. ;o)

The black cap came from the not so illustrious Home Depot. We did not spend alot on tile this time.

Greg- yes, it was bad, the tile was buckling off the wall. We took all the wood out (and it was not salvageable) and put a granite sill and tiled the window well.

The floor has the original hex tiles, which we just cleaned. They were in decent shape and we like them so they stayed. I will try and post a photo soon.

Aaron- I noticed too that your bathroom was really similar. And we did black and white too because it never goes out of style right?

mindy said...

That cabinet is gorgeous - he did a great job! And I love the black and white tile. Classic ;)

gnewfry said...

it's so beautiful! i love that little shelf you put in the shower above the faucet.

Natalie said...

Hello! I'd love to hear more detail about your solution for the window in the shower. I just stumbled on your blog, we're proud owners of a 3-flat in Logan Square- we've really got our work cut out for us, I'm enjoying reading about your renovations!!