Monday, November 20, 2006

Angie's List Membership Pays Off

Not only were we able to source some good contractors through the list, but I submitted 15+ reports in October and qualified for a free camera!

Since I already have a digital camera, I'm planning to gift this one for x-mas. One less gift to buy and to think home improvement paid for it!

Now if only I would win that Plasma TV they are giving away... I really think I deserve it big time don't you?

On another note, my review of Chicago Woodstripping was featured in their monthly email newsletter.

Description of Work:
We hired Darrell to strip 100 years accumulation of paint off 1800 linear feet of wood trim from the 2nd floor of our 2-flat as well as 3 window frames and 9 two panel oak doors.

Member Comments: We were extremely happy with the job Darrell did. His price was reasonable and he finished this tedious and time consuming work on time for our project. In fact, we were so pleased with the job, we gave him a $300 bonus when he was done. All of the wood had not one speck of paint on it when returned. Due to dip stripping (the method he uses) we did have some boards get a bit warped and some joints on doors were loosened, but this is to be expected with this method. He will also strip wood in place in your home as well. Darrell is a good guy and he is doing a huge service by helping save old architectural elements from the garbage heap! Perhaps best of all, we were able to put back the original coffered ceiling beams (see photo).

So, overall we are happy with Angie's List. We didn't get any BAD contractors off the site. Things were not perfect with all of the one's we hired, and we won't rehire some of them, but overall we did pretty well. I'm going to add them as a resource on my sidebar, because we really do use them and I've shared information with others successfully as well.


Anonymous said...

Nice- and yes, I think you deserve the plasma t.v.!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Trissa :)

Anonymous said...

Black Friday coming up...good deals on flat screens...really good prices! Darrell was great and I hired him based on your it is time to finally prep the wood and stain...,planning to do it on my freaks me out a bit as I want it to come out nice...get that LCD flat screen...32inch can be bought for under 500...

Jocelyn said...

Thanks - glad Darrell worked out. Feel free to email me( for any pointers on refinishing the wood. If it's oak, you should be fine- I find it a very forgiving wood. The hardest part for us was filling the holes. The wood filler we used didn't sand well and left splotches and had to be resanded at times- a pain.