Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter...zzzz..zzzz

Just wanted to check in as I haven't posted this week. I had to "step away from the computer" as having started two other local blogs, I got blogged out. But I have decided to stick only with my houseblog for the summer and stay out of neighborhood activism in blogland for a while. It's just too much for me right now. Plus it's getting so nice out, I want to be gardening rather than at the computer so much.

Steve and I planted our annuals and two upright compact boxwoods to frame the stairway leading up to our front door yesterday. And I planted the cannas. But no photos because I lent my camera to my Mom for her visit to see my little nephew in CT.

Happy Easter! I'm going to lie down now and rest my weary self.

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Emerld said...

Welcome back! Yes, stay away from the other bloggies and stick with the one I read. LOL. You see my latest garden pics? I MULCHED!!! for the first time! I am very proud. I planted Foxglove, Shasta Daisy, Blanket Flower and Coreopsis Nana. So the Cannas are out eh? Love those!