Sunday, November 20, 2005

The report

Well, our Field Trip to the Student Sale at the Art Institute was a success. The prices are unbelievable and there is alot of great work. Next year we will definitely pay the $50 for the Preview Night as we were told by many students that 30% of the work sells on that night. I am happy that we've found a solution to Steve's "only original works of art may adorn our walls" aesthetic.

Above is a monoprint we purchased for $30. We also bought a small oil study of a seated nude for $30 and an ink line drawing for about $15. It was really nice to interact with these young artists too. You get the feeling this is their first time selling their work or at least one of the first times and they feel good that people want it. Maybe I'm just reading into it, but I'd imagine that's how I would feel if people wanted to buy things I made.

Last night we hung some pictures in our bedroom, including the oil painting. Steve is going to make frames for all three pieces, which will save alot of money. Framing is quite costly we have found. I like the look of a full wall of small framed works and am starting to realize how costly that can be if professionally framed.

Of course, once we hung all the pictures, I thought how nice a long table would look along that wall and then we could put some small lamps on it and store books on the shelves underneath the table. It's amazing the way one project just leads to another and then another. Times like this, I wish I could make it stop and just be satisfied. I feel fated for being featured in a magazine like "Renovation Style" or something, with a storyline like this, "Jocelyn and Steve have been painstakingly restoring their Chicago 2-flat for about 10 years..." The fact that I think this way proves that I am truly doomed!

Today we are going back to Jan's Antiques to help my Mom find some hardware for a headboard she bought at a yard sale. And we are going to pick up some old screws because we never have enough. I'll bring my camera and take a few photos of Jan's place. It's pretty amazing.

Above is the "picture-hanging" we did last night in our bedroom.

You can see the oil painting we bought on the left.


Emerld said...

dID YOU put all that up after I saw it? It looks GREAT! How eclectic! I'm excited over my purchase of 3 new trans world dub CD's. This style of music is hard to decribe. Govinda and Earth Trybe are the groups and Magna Carta.

Jocelyn said...

thanks Jen- we added alot of pictures. I am so out of it on the music scene- sounds interesting though

merideth said...

am SO jealous of the good original art! hmmm...will perhaps travel to chicago next fall for the event!

carmen said...

Your wall looks great! I was thinking the same thing as Merideth - Chicago isn't that far away for those prices on original art work!

Sarah Jane said...

Wow, way to go on finding such great original art, and way to support young artists just starting out. It sounds like a win win. How are you planning to make the frames for the artwork? I too am realizing how costly it is to have pictures professionally framed, and would love a tip or two on how to do it myself.

Jocelyn said...

It is a great deal really. I got on the mailing list for this event so I'll post it on my blog when it come up again. The info should also be on the School of the Art Institute's website.

You can make a weekend of it and go to the museum, see the Millenium Park, and maybe even meet some fellow housebloggers!

Jocelyn said...

I'll post some info about the framing later on. In short, it's woodworker Steve's doing. He makes arts and crafts frames- but they aren't that hard to make with the right tools.