Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I've discovered Facebook...

...and of course being the internet addict that I am I am using it constantly. Well, not constantly, but way more than before I had a profile and signed up. :o)

And I'm devising the ways this fascinating new-to-me-tool can be used.

Of course, faithful houseblogger that I am, I searched for a houseblogger group and there wasn't one. So I made one. And I am the only member right now, so sad.

And of course, the next thought that popped into my head? Let's use it to plan Woodstick 2010!!**

If you're on Facebook, why don't you join me? Come on... it'll be fun! I already consider so many of you friends online so feel free to ping me on there if you like.

**"Woodstick" is houseblogger talk for a huge gathering of housebloggers, which has been talked about, but not yet come to fruition.


StuccoHouse said...

Had to chuckle because I also joined Facebook and LinkedIn this week and it has drained every free minute of my time. I'm hoping the novelty will wear out in a week or two.

Shoot, I join your group but I've always kept my name out of my blog.

Gary said...

Count me in! We had three of us at "Brimstick" a few years ago in Brimfield. Fixer Upper, Brockton Bungalow and us. Look who is still blogging .....