Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The girl is back

Well, not exactly. But I did strip the basement door this past weekend. It's the last door left in the interior of the building that needed to have that unsightly white paint removed.

I am happy to report the door is in pretty much pristine condition and needs no repair.

In case you are interesed, it took 2 hours to strip one side with a heat gun and then one coat of Citris Stripper cleaned the residue off. The other side was just shellaced. We decided to keep for posterity.

Nice wood grain isn't it?

All that remains on the entry is to install the kickplate and then I will post photos.


The Litter Box House said...

Hey there! Is the Citris product your favorite? How are the fumes? I've heard good things about 3Ms Safest Stripper, but I haven't bought anything yet -- oh, I've started stripping our stairs, so I'm very interested in any advice you may have. Other than tons of patience of course :)


Fargo 1928 said...

Wow, de ja vu! You door looks exactly like the doors I've been stripping lately. I used the heat gun to get the majority of the pait off, but I've had trouble getting paint out of the grooves & cracks. What tools did you use to get that out? Favorite stripper to use? Mine sucked, so I'm looking for suggestions!

Jocelyn said...

LBH: I use citris strip when I have "lighter" stripping to do-like what is left after a heat gun. For more coats of paint I use Strypeeze, which is stronger and stinkier. I always do this work outdoors because of the fumes.

Fargo: The door I stripped was shellaced and then painted. This makes the paint easier to get off as it was not able to soak into the wood grain. It's possible yours was painted originally with no stain/shellac layer. This makes it harder to get the last paint off.

To get the paint off the grooves etc...I go over those areas with the heat gun (a tedious process) and remove as much as I can. Then a few coats of stripper in the corners usually does the trick. I wipe the door dwn repeatedly with Denatured Alcohol too. Hope this helps with your project...

Again, I've used Strypeeze, but I've read many that like Soy Gel. I think that is pricer but not as toxic.