Friday, March 10, 2006

What to do with all that money?

We all wish we had this problem right? Well, maybe sometimes. Steve and I are re-evaluating our plans for the 2nd floor rental unit remodel. Things kind of came to a head this week when we were talking to a heating contractor who said that a $1500 permit was required to block off the street and hoist our proposed roof-top heating and cooling unit onto the roof. Oh, and mechanical drawings are required and the city is VERY stringent about roof-top units because of some unfortunate incidents where units were installed below code and collapsed on some firefighters-very bad. This could cause delays in getting a permit.

Steve mentioned extending the tenant's lease. Yes, he actually did this. I'm sure you can imagine my reaction.

I started thinking that we should step back a bit and simplify our plans. Maybe we'll keep the Cadillac of heating for now (radiant heat) and get a portable a/c for the unit. We have so many other things that need to be done, it just seems unbalanced to put everything into a rental unit.
Cutting out the heating and cooling system will save us a bundle.

So, this weekend we are assessing our plans. We have a few quotes and some more coming so that part is coming along. We found a few guys on Angie's List that seem okay. Of course, we'll check their references etc...

This is by far the biggest project we've worked on. I find it much more manageable when we do the work because it goes slow and doesn't seem as risky as trusting contractors. Isn't that sad in a way? You hear/read so many horror stories, it's quite disconcerting.

We are planning to hang up our beautiful new framed Motawi tile so I'll be sure to post that when we do.

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Greg said...

Together again on HouseBlogs….

I’ve stumbled with the heating system as well. Right now I don’t really have one. To put in a forced air system the right way, which I don’t want because I hate forced air, would mean a system for the first floor and a second in the attic for the second floor. Major bucks. I would then end up with a system I couldn’t afford to run. Radiant heat would be ideal and I will go with some form of this eventually. I can get the boiler installed by a pro (Gary, you got a minute?) and then run the Pex myself. A lot of grunt work but affordable. My plan is to get the chimneys rebuilt so I will have two fireplaces and the big stove in the kitchen. Then insulate and caulk until my arms fall off.

What the heck can Steve be thinking?!?!