Friday, February 24, 2006

I don't think May 31st will be soon enough

Almost midnight and for over an hour someone has been walking around upstairs over my head. I couldn't imagine who since Thadeus in Africa. I'll have to tell him someone's been rifling through his things when he returns. yeah right.

I just came back from upstairs. Youjay says, "what noise do you hear? Come in and see."

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Some bimbo girl WHO DOES NOT EVEN LIVE HERE opened the door to Thadeus' room with frigging high heels on. She looks out at me, cell phone hanging from her ear.

I said, "She has been walking around with high heels on."
She says, "I just out them on. I'll take them off."
I said, "I've been listening to you for over an hour and a half since I went to bed."
I said, "You do not even live here. I do not know what it is going to take to get through to you guys."

Youjay said, "The best thing is just to leave," and closed the door.

There's still alot left unsaid. I have a phone appt. with an attorney on Sunday.


Greg said...

On man, oh man, oh man. That is too much. Someone made a comment about you guys living upstairs and renting the lower floor. I know you've put a lot of work on to your flat but it might be something to think about down the road. Of course, if you just get NORMAL people (people who don’t walk in high heels for an hour and a half) to rent to all your problems will be solved.

Good luck!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Greg. We are seriously considering moving upstairs- it's a bigger space and we can fix it up to our liking of course.

We have always wanted to duplex to the basement though, so I don't know.

The other option is to soundproof the ceilings over our bedroom and the living room. We soundproofed the kitchen when we did that and that seemed to muffle quite a bit.

We are looking into those options and I will probably post something about the materials available.

I feel like my blog is turning into a landlord woes blog- ick!

Anonymous said...

Could you install carpet upstairs? That might muffle the noises of the next occupants. I don't know if there's a Menard's in your area..but they have prety cheap, but nice looking carpet. It might also "save" your wood floors up there from renter abuse. When we pulled up the carpet from the side of the house that was rented, the wood floors were pristine underneath. I completely give credit to the carpet.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Jenne for the suggestion. I've thought about carpet too. Steve does not want carpet because of the maintenance issue. We'll see....

M said...

I vote for carpet with a thick pad in the bedroom upstairs and a new cieling in your bedroom downstairs. You can install double drywall with sound clips and I bet you won't hear a thing.

Anonymous said...

What a big headache. I vote for carpet as well with a nice thick pad underneath. I know that would include cleaning it in between tenants, but it might be worth it. Could you have the spray-in styrene insulation put in the ceiling? I think it would offer the most sound insulation...Good luck!